About VGL

Why VitaGreenLife


Vita is the Latin word for Life. We used the word Life twice in the name of our project to emphasize and highlight the ultimate goal of our effort - through education, we want to provide children with the skills to succeed in Life.

The Green portion of the VitaGreenLife project has a double meaning for us. First, we want make sure we have a low impact on the environment through the use of environmentally-friendly building methods.

Secondly, Green [verde in Portuguese] is the color associated with the concept of Hope in Brazil. Hope is another concept we want to incorporate in the overall meaning of our undertaking to give childern hope thorugh education for a better and brighter future.

The Founder's Philosophy
Welcome to VitaGreenLife. My name is Antonio Galvao Neto. I am a pathologist from Recife, Brazil living and working in New York, NY, USA. While living here in the U.S. I have gained many opportunities through the educational system but I have always thought of a way to give back to my hometown.

My hometown Recife is an area with a large community of impoverished children, many of whom have little opportunity for education. My goal is to focus on street children and help them make a better future for themselves, through education.

With your support, I will help fund this project and coordinate the fund-raising process through this website.

We are in the process of acquiring affiliations with non-governmental agencies to enhance effectiveness, influence and capacity. We believe, in fact, that non-governmental organizations can expand our sphere of influence through networking and broadened access to financial and information resources.

Please contact us, should you want to partner with us on the VitaGreenLife project.

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